nekomeow 小小网店终于在今天开幕啦 * 煙花 * 
除了一些新产品之外, nekomeow 的限量手作也会放在网店里销售喔~
欢迎光临 nekomeow 小小网店! 得注册喔~ ^___^
nekomeow little online store is finally launch today at  * fireworks * 
Limited nekomeow’s handmaids & some new products are now available in the online store
Really thanks to everyonewho support nekomeow!
Please visit the online store & don’t forget to register ya ^___^

17.7.2012 Launch of

鸣子娃娃 ( Kokeshi 小芥子 ) 感覺上像是日本版的俄羅斯娃娃~

它其實是日本東北的特產,其特色之一就是轉動娃娃頭部時會發出聲音, 所以叫鸣子娃娃!
鸣子娃娃的歷史可追溯至江戶時代 (西元1603-1868 ) 是日本東北地區歷代提供天皇御用器皿。
在日本的鳴子溫泉鄉成立了 [日本小芥子木偶館]Nihon Kokeshikan 
Kokeshi (こけし小芥子), to me is like a japanese version of Russian doll
Kokeshi dolls originate from the Tohoku region of Northern Japan, 
These handmade wooden dolls are thought to date back to the early 19th century when 
kijiya (woodworkers), accustomed to making bowls and trays, began using their woodworking skills 
and lathes to make simple dolls to sell as toys and souvenirs to the onsen visitors. 
The dolls may originally had a spiritual significance with the Kokeshi representing a wish for a healthy child. 
It has also been suggested that Kokeshi, with their round heads & limbless bodies probably 
made in an unpainted form originally, were used as massage tools by spa bathers. 
Kokeshi are generally bought by Japanese as mementos. 
In addition to being ornamental, they are also seen as lucky charm & 
is often bought in the belief that she will protect a home against fire even ward off evil. 
Mizuki, the wood commonly used for making the kokeshi face, 
literally translates as ‘water tree’ and is thought to have fire-resistant properties.
Kokeshi, celebrated today as one of Japan’s folk arts, are of two types, traditional and creative.
Creative Kokeshi dolls these days are “modernized” they are modelled,
designed, and manufactured differently from the authentic and traditional Kokeshi dolls. 
Cute & lovely creative Kokeshi dolls now becomes wonderful unique gifts and collector pieces.
Located in the Naruko Hot Spring area, Nihon Kokeshikan (Japanese Kokeshi Museum) 
is an exhibition center of Kokeshi. This museum are approximately 4,000 traditional Kokeshi 
from various parts of the Tohoku region on display. There is a workshop to experience painting the dolls,
watch craftsmen at work from up close at the demonstration corner & such dolls are sold on the spot. 
Indeed, this museum offers you many ways to deepen your knowledge of Kokeshi.

摳尼機挖我是♥小雪 (Koyuki)請多多指教!” (*^___^*)

“Konnichiwa~ my name is ♥小雪 (Koyuki) nice to meet you all!” (*^___^*)
こんにちは、私は♥小雪です。 どうぞよろしくお願いします!” (*^___^*)


nekomeow今天上 星洲日報 (大都會) 你教我學!! ^___^

非常感謝菁燕的用心報導~  好喜歡喔!!
nekomeow on newspaper Sin Chew Jit Poh today! ^___^
Thank you Ching Yen for the nice article, 
i really love it!!
you can read the article online at 

26-06-2012 星洲日報 /大都會 你教我學:重復針戳減壓練耐性羊毛氈飾物可愛 

26-06-2012  Sin Chew Jit Poh

這隻可愛的小狗狗在 Shimokita艺术市集時 給一位可愛又好心的人領養咯~ ♥
雖然有點不捨得, 但是很高興小狗狗有新主人愛戴喔~ ^__^
This lovely little puppy gets adopted by a kind lovely lady at Shimokita Creative Street Market~ ♥
glad that the puppy found his new home & love from new owner ~ ^__^

這是我第三次的艺术市集~ ^^
連續兩天在 Pavilion KL Tokyo Street
第一天就感到累了~ (老了。。)>_<
但我覺得很開心,也獲得很棒的經驗~ ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ 
非常感謝大家的幫忙和支持~ ^^
This is my 3rd time participating in art market ^^
2 days at Pavilion KL, Tokyo Street~
1st day i felt tired already~  (old already…) >_<
but it was great experience for me & i really enjoyed~ ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ 
really thanks to everyone who came and supported ^^
場所は Pavilion KL Tokyo Street です。

遊びに来て下さったみなさま ありがとうございました!  


這是 nekomeow 第三次参加艺术市集喔~ (>_<) 

大家如果有空的话,欢迎来玩喔~ (◕‿◕
“niko の部屋將會在市集前一個星期, 展覽在 Pavilion 六樓 6 3-8 
This is nekomeow 3rd time joining Art Market (>_<) 
please come & join the fun if u are free ya (◕‿◕
“niko’s room” will be exhibit at Pavilion 6th floor from 3-8 June before the shimokita event. 
Shimokita Creative Street Market
Tokyo Street, Level 6, Pavilion KL
9 -10 June 2012 (Sat-Sun)
This creative market is a special collaboration with Pipit, 
the local largest independent creative community in Malaysia, 
Tokyo Street will be hosting the most happening art and handmade market festival in Malaysia,
The market will presents to you a one-of-a-kind creative market featuring over 50 stalls of 
handmade arts & crafts from stationary to  jewelries, plush toys, t-shirts and lots more.

一下 “niko の部屋” @Pavilion KL 六樓, 6 3-8
Find nekomeow “niko’s room” @Pavilion KL 6th floor from 3-8 June ^_^

約定你咯~! See you there! ^_^

這是 nekomeow 新的 mini 角色系列~[T-neko(T- ) ^^ 
它是英文字母 ” T ” + niko-meow 的結合
今天的主題是彩色~ color psycho  
Introducing nekomeow new mini character series~[T-neko ^^  
This character inspired by the letter ” T ” + niko-meow
There will be a different theme each time
Themes for today is~ color psycho
nekomeow のミニ キャラクター系列 ~[T-neko( T- ネコ ) ^^
デザインは 英語の ” T ” + ニコ-meow
日のテーマは~  color psycho です