A new year is the best time to make fresh new beginnings~
New Aim, New Dreams, New Achievements, New Peace and New Happiness!!
Lets start a new wonderful year together~!! ^_^

开心地迎接每日新生活~!! ^_^

今年もよろしくお願いします~!! ^_^

Hwachai 終於幫我設計好幾個 Pipit卡祝賀了~ 他說他花了最長的時間在 key out 那個白色蕾絲~ :P 
Hwachai finally come out few design for me to choose~ ( he had hard time to key out the white lace ) but he have to do so because we had a deal -> see ★ Pipit 4th Anniversary・Hwachai plan


最後我選了粉紅色那個~ finally i choose the pink color one~ ^^

Hwachai 也想做張卡祝賀 pipit 四歲生日快樂~ 但他想運用混合媒体來諧調他的 3D~ ( 好抽象喔 >.< )
他建議我做個羊毛氈的 logo 給他~ 然後他會回報幫我設計我的 pipit 祝賀卡 ( 因為完全我沒頭緒 ) 
所以我就這樣答應他了~ :P
Hwachai plan to make a card for pipit 4th Anniversary too using 3D. But he said, he wanted to try something like mix media, and try to create a relation between CG graphic and realistic product. The whole idea is just a plain mechanism clock, but to balance up the overlook, he suggest make a soft logo with my wool felt
and he will pay me back by doing the card design for me which i still can’t think of how to do~
so i very happy with the deal~!! :P

Hwachai 的手稿・Hwachai’s sketch

neko meow ( michelle -> 私 )~  kenji ( yorkshire terrier4 歳 )~  hwachai ( 男35歳 )

20108月开始自己学做羊毛氈后, 就深深地迷上了。偶尔也喜欢涂鸦~ 
原本想搞塗鴉日記的部落格但因没自信(主要是惰)没搞成… >.<   
很想和大家分享號稱[療癒系的手作]羊毛氈的樂趣, 所以開始了 neko-meow’s little coner 部落格~
希望這次可以成功~ ^_^ 也希望它我可以治好 “懶惰” 和 “半途而廢” 的病~ 

I first stared wool felting on Aug 2010 and now i addicted to it~ sometimes i like to draw too~
building this blog to share about my wool felting , art works & life
hopefully this time can success ( i failed once >.< ) because i very lazy…..

こんにちは、ねこ meow です。20108月に羊毛フェルトで作ってみた~
ねこ-meow リトル コーナー ブログをご覧いただきまして、ありがとうございます