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17.7.2012 Launch of

美利奴羊毛是100% 天然環保,而且还是可生物降解
所以美利奴羊毛製作出來的作品會比普通羊毛的作品 更細緻輕柔~ ^_^
羊毛氈是歐洲神奇的古老傳統工藝, 在歐美及日本國家已風行許久
其實羊毛氈(針戳)是非常簡單容易的手工藝, 很多人都對有誤解, 以為它很難做,
不用害怕沒有拿過針線 (因為它不需要縫縫補補) 也不需擔心不會畫畫!
只要你對它有一點興趣加耐心, 就可輕易的完成獨一無二的夢想作品 ~♥
羊毛氈號稱是 {療癒系的手作} 只是不斷的戳戳戳, 就能讓我完全放空, 忘卻煩惱, 幫我沈澱心情及釋放壓力喔~
希望大家一起來玩~ 體驗羊毛氈的神奇, 魅力及樂趣~ ^_^
ps : 羊毛氈需要的是毅力和耐心, 想要做的好 就是多做多實驗 :)
羊毛氈(針戳)~小熊別針♥的小教学在這裡 >  ★馬來西亞羊毛氈(針戳)小教学~小熊別針♥
Merino wool earth 
Merino wool garment is 100% Natural, Biodegradable & Renewable!
it also very durable, but at the same time environmentally friendly.
Every year the Merino sheep produces a new fleece.
Therefore, Merino wool is a completely renewable fibre source.
**reference from Australian wool innovation limited**
i Merino wool
Merino wool is soft and luxurious, resembling cashmere. 
This term is also used to describe the finest wool’s.
Compare to normal wool, merino wool is only a fraction of the diameter of normal wool.
This is one of the reasons why the normal wool itches and merino wool does not.
felt products that made from merino wool will be softer & finer compared to normal wool. ^_^
Many archaeologists believe that felt was the first textile made by human beings. 
Felting is the process of tangling fibers. It is one of the oldest fiber crafts, dating back as far as 6300 BC
Wool felt (needle felting) is really quite easy, crazy, amazing craft!
It require no sewing, no stuffing, no painting, no knitting or crocheting and no need drawing! 
That’s right, none of that! 
You just take the felting needle and you stab, stab, stab at wool until 
it bends to your will and makes shapes and whatnot.
Using only a barbed felting needle and wool you can create 
any object or animal your imagination can come up with.


If you haven’t tried needle felting, i think you should. ^^
It’s really magical to watch wool come together into felt before your eyes,
and as an added bonus, you get to relieve stress by repeatedly stabbing your project with sharp needles! 
I hope can share the fun of this magical craft with more people~ :)
welcome and hope you can try your hand at needle felting & enjoy like me! ^_^ 
PS: you can find my 1st wool felt (needle felting) tutorial the little bear brooch here >

有興趣者,請參閱 ->

if you interestedPlease refer->

網上 (ebay)  香港 (MeGun  綿果子小屋手作仔 Hand Crafter, 中南圖書買了些羊毛&用具  ^^
bought some new wools & tools online (ebay) & from Hong Kong
(MeGun  綿果子小屋, Hand Crafter, Chung Nam Book & Stationery ) ^^

Premium Mohair
Mohair~毛海織物是由最好來源 Angora 安哥拉山羊做為的自然纖維,
Mohair usually refers to a silk-like fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. 
Mohair fiber is approximately 25-45 microns in diameter.
 It is one of the oldest textile fibers in use. It is both durable and resilient.
手工羊毛毡專用毛線, 適合用來做貴賓狗狗 poodle, 小綿羊等等
wool felting yarn, ideal for making poodle, little sheep & etc…
紅色的羊毛我已經買了3 (在網上) 但都不是我想要的紅色 >.< … 這次終於找到我要的紅色啦~ ^^
i bought red color wool 3 times already (from net),
but still can’t get the red color that i want >.< … finally i found this red  ^^

已整理成片狀的羊毛棉, 適合用來填充在大型的作品內部~ (希望可以完成較大的作品 :P)
Ideal as the inside material for large product of Wool Craft (hope i can come out larger product soon :P)
手工羊毛條(自然色) natural color Wool
雖然用手指頭換羊毛氈,我覺得它值那個價, 針唔拮到肉唔知痛戳到手指會很痛 >.< 而且還會流血… 
為了保護我的玉手, 我買了個手工用牛皮护手(三指手套)  ^^
佩帶後3根手指仍可自由活動, 且皮質柔軟舒適, 所以不會影響指尖的知覺手和手動作之靈活渡。。
(我還不習慣用它訥.. >.<)
when doing needle wool felt for a beginner like me, it can be easy to miss and jab your finger…
(I have done this many a time. It is quite painful! >.<  and sometimes it bleed…) 
trying not to stab my finger too many times, i finally bought this craft glove  ^^
it covers 3 fingers, which are often use for needle wool felting. for protecting in-between fingers, 
a flap is attached and it can grip firmly, because 3 fingers can be moved freely, 
devised shape for fitting fingers, when grabbing it.
(i still not used to it yet.. >.<)
幸好 Megun Wong ♥♥ 建議我買這種電子坪, 不然我差點買了個廚房用的坪… >.< (囧)
I bought a Digital Pocket Scale to measure the weight of wool required…
Luckily Megun Wong♥♥ told me to buy this Digital Pocket Scale,
if not I almost bought those Kitchen digital scale >.<