Very the “pai seh” shy to announce that nekomeow on TV TODAY! (#^___^#)

Kreatif TV (Astro Channel 180) (RTM TVi)
5 Jul (Sat) 10.30pm
6 Jul (Sun) 2.00pm (Repeat)

Online Streaming

The show is about 10 min long,
i know how funny i am in the video with my “chicken voice” & broken bahasa~
(anyone who interested to watch the show please don’t hate me >_< )
Thankfully, the shooting was fun! Weeee~
Really thanks for all the hard works from
director Aishmmawati Hisam, host Sufian Amri (Ean)
assistant Shime Abd Hamid and all the lovely crews~ ^_^

Please feel free to visit & “Like” Kreatif TV Facebook Page
Each week they will invite a local creative people to share
some interesting DIY creation~
Please support our local creative people ya~

覺得超搞笑又 pai seh 偷偷害羞的跟大家宣佈一下~
nekomeow 今天上電視啦~ !! (#^___^#)

Kreatif TV (Astro Channel 180) (RTM TVi)
7月5日 (星期六) 10.30pm (首播)
7月6日 (星期日) 2.00pm (重播)


因為我的馬來文很爛,很多笑場及NG~ >_<
所以非常感謝 ♥導演, 主持人還有所有辛苦的工作人員的多多包涵,
大家如果有興趣可以去 “Like” Kreatif TV Facebook 面子書
他們每周都會邀請本地達人分享一些有趣的 DIY 創作~

Me & the handsome fun host Sufian Amri (Ean)

Very creative moustache by the handsome host Sufian Amri (Ean)  (sheep on right)

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